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Base is hosting an exclusive invitation-only “Science of Sales” series for sales leaders at high-growth software companies in Sillicon Valley on February X-X, 2016.

Building a data-driven sales culture isn’t easy, and it’s often confusing where to start. Whether you’re in the early stages of building a metric driven team or you have an established sales process, come join the pioneers of sales productivity and learn how to adapt and thrive in the fast-changing sales environment.

Who Should Attend

Role: CEO, VP of Sales
Industry Focus: Software & IT, Web Agencies
Price: $4,000 Non-Base customers, Free for Base Customers

Event Details

Coming soon...

"Building a Metric Driven Sales Team" eBook

Use this ebook to set the foundation of your metric driven sales team. It starts with the basics and progresses through advanced topics like maximizing rep efficiency and hiring the right number of BDRs.



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